New Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

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Muzz here with some new gaming tech news. I’ll be posting about new game hardware, news, and some previews. I love games and I’d like to say i have a pretty good grasp on all things gaming. I hope to provide you with new and interesting game related info.

The new Xbox 360 Headset has a small yet significant upgrade and will only cost $10 more than it’s predecessor.  There is not a lot of news on it but from what we have to see and hear it boasts a new design in sleek black. It still connects to the Xbox via radio frequencies just like the last one; however, the new upgrade is the Bluetooth capability. Yes, in addition to it’s connectivity to the Xbox it can also connect to any phone or PC with Bluetooth. It has the green light for Xbox and blue light indicators for Bluetooth. You will be able to switch between modes by a little switch at the bottom. The main button will mute when it is in Xbox mode and will be an action button when it is in Bluetooth mode. It has different size ear adapters for all ear sizes and comes with a looped piece that goes around your ear for comfort.  The headset is going to give you about 300 hours of standby time.

What I am most intrigued by is how it will preform. The last wireless headset had problems with staying connected to the Xbox. The headset would always drop out for a second or two and then reconnect. I know range wasn’t a problem because it would happen even while a couple feet away. Many people are excited that the new design will provide more comfort, and I for one can honestly say that was a long time coming. For all the upgrades the new headset will run you $59.99 when it comes to stores in November of 2011. Tell me what you think about the headset and if your going to purchase.

Here is a hands on video from Major Nelson:

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