EA Sports Introduces the Season Ticket

EA Sports announced the “Season Ticket” today that will begin with Madden NFL 12. You can purchase it now for $25 or 2000 Microsoft Points. There are four benefits to the subscription.

Early Game Access

You will be able to play the full game 3 days before the initial launch date of the game. It will be offered via download and then after the 3 days the game will time out and you will be offered to purchase the game disc at retail. Season Ticket subscribers will be able to transfer all achievements to the disc from the 3 days of early gameplay.

Discounts on DLC 

Season Ticket subscribers will receive a 20% discount on all DLC for participating EA Sports games.

Free Premium Web Content

Free premium web content is basically team and player creators available online. They will be under the Creation Center which will also allow for setting up tournament. You will be able to use real world graphics and put them on your creations. This will all be available until the membership expires. If you do not subscribe you will still be able to use the center with a purchase.


With a purchase of the subscription, you will gain recognition for having the Season Ticket. You will be easily identified by a badge that will be displayed BOTH in-game and on your EA Sports Profile.

What do you think?

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