No Commando Perk in MW3!

The outrage that caused and still causes millions to scream profanities at their TVs has finally been resolved. The annoying super reach from MW2’s commando perk is no more. In Modern Warfare 3 the commando perk has been scraped in order to balance the online multiplayer. Now what’s interesting to me is the fact that nothing has been said about the pro part of the perk.

Commando PerkIn MW2, the commando pro perk also allowed for no falling damage. This was actually used strategically by many users. For instance, in the Afghan map people would jump down from the high hill and not worry about falling precisely on the mattresses in order to avoid death. Now nothing has been said about that part of the perk, so it will be interesting to see what they end up doing for the game. Whether you loved or despised commando, it is gone. Let me know what you think? Do you think they will bring it back if people ask for it? Are you okay with this or is this pointless?

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  1. I am really looking forward to MW3. I currently play black ops, but I am really starting to get burnt out on it. Interesting that they are removing that perk as I didn’t think it was too bad.

  2. I am on the fence for battlefield 3. It looks very cool. However, mw3 and bf3 are going to be coming out about the exact same time.

  3. Ridiculous! I love commando pro. It’s all I use cos I’m that guy with the knife running the entire time. It takes skills to use a knife at a gun fight. This sucks!

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