Spot Android Malware

As a follow up on a recent post, this post is to help all of you Android users to spot/notice if you have a trojan virus on your smartphone.  Android malware is on the rise and it is now two times as likely to receive a virus in a app you download since six months ago.  This is a quick list of ways to tell if your Android smartphone is infected.

  1. Look up the developer – If there is no real logo, Google the developer’s name to see if they are a legitimate company.
  2. Be wary of “knock off” games – Games are a typical “trap” that is used be malware creators.  If the game is a free version of something that you normally would havle to pay for, be wary.
  3. Examine app permissions – Every app in the marketplace has a list of admissions that you need to grant in order for the app to work properly.  Read over this list and if you notice anything suspicious, don’t download it. (Ex: why would a game need to see your contact list).
  4. Read reviews – This is an obvious way to see if the app is malware.  If the particular app has more negative than positive reviews, be wary and read further to see what the negative reviews were about.
  5. Watch Info – If while reading the app description and you notice that the creator doesn’t use good grammer/english or some information is left blank, that is a good sign to not download the app.

Follow this short list of things to check before downloading an app and your chances of catching some mobile malware will decrease significantly.

About Techtonicc

I am currently a 21 year old Junior in college majoring in Information Systems assurance and security. I am from Arlington Heights, IL. I love all types of technology so I enjoy my fair share of video games, building/fixing computers, programming, and writing on my tech blog, Techtonicc.

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