New IBM Chip Mimics Your Brain

Earlier this week, IBM created two prototype chips that have been said to have the ability to mimic how the human brain understands its surroundings, and react to stimuli.  These two chips are leading the way to more futuristic and powerful devices that can “learn”.

The prototype chip were part of a IBM project called, “Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics” aka SyNAPSE.  The purpose of this project was to develop new powerful computers and devices that can learn by experience and formulate hypothesis’s on what those experiences mean.  Hopes of results to this project are that computers become a step closer to reasoning instead of reacting strictly off of pre-programmed data.

Researchers have been saying that with this new technology, computers will have the ability to monitor the world’s water supply based off of measurements of temperature, pressure, and wave height.  Besides that, this will also give us the ability to predict hurricanes and tsunamis before they happen.

This of course is just a start with the chips powering simulated cars through mazes or just playing pong.  They are in the beginning stages and still need a lot of work but this is breakthrough technology that researchers are saying is the future or technology.

Check out the full report here.


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