New Facebook App From Miramax

Film studio, Miramax has just a new Facebook app (Miramax eXperience app) that allows you to stream acclaimed movies such as Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, and No Country for Old Men.

With 20 movies to rent (for now), the Miramax app is now among one of the largest movie streaming apps to hit Facebook.  Among these other video streaming apps are companies like Warner Bros., Paramount, and Universal.

“No question there will be more content and more markets,” Miramax CEO Mark Lang said in a blog post. “Our plan is to use this as an enabling platform, including eventually as a digital locker cloud service.”

Users of this new app will be allowed to watch movies on their PC, iPad, or Google TV browser.  Most movies are free but if you so choose to rent one, it will cost you 30 Facebook credits or around $3.

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