Sprint Telling Employees To Be Quiet

Monday morning, Sprint issued a memo to all of their employees to keep quiet about the potentiality of a Sprint-powered iPhone.

This memo, which was leaked by the website Sprintfeed, tells employees to say “no comment” when asked about the possibility of the iPhone 5 coming to Sprint.  Although this rumor of the iPhone coming to Sprint has been reported as fact by many blogs, websites, and news networks, Sprint might be telling their employees this for two reasons.

  1. Sprint could actually be in deep talks with Apple and could actually be bringing the iPhone 5 to Sprint and they don’t want to “spill the beans”.
  2. Rumors of a Sprint iPhone could be completely untrue and Sprint doesn’t want their employees giving customers false hope.

Either way, we will all have to wait for a Apple and Sprint press conference and wait for clarification on the subject.


About Techtonicc

I am currently a 21 year old Junior in college majoring in Information Systems assurance and security. I am from Arlington Heights, IL. I love all types of technology so I enjoy my fair share of video games, building/fixing computers, programming, and writing on my tech blog, Techtonicc.

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