MW3 Leaked Multiplayer Details

So just because you think you can name all the weapons from MW2 on Sporcle, you now think you’re the biggest fan of Call of Duty… think again.

During the Call of Duty XP event, a hardcore fan snuck into the event and found some people playing the multiplayer. Being a hardcore fan, the fan didn’t just keep all the info to their self; No, the fan let us all in on the fun. The fan posted videos to YouTube which of course were taken down but not before people got all the information first. The video showed 13 multiplayer maps: Carbon, Coast, Dome, Exchange, Hardhat, Interchange, Lambeth, Meteora, Mogadishu, Paris, Plaza, Radar and Seatown.

We also learned of two game types, Team Deathmatch and Bomb. There was no info about “Bomb,” but we do know that the Team Deathmatch game type has been upgraded from 18 players to 32 players max.

Here are two screenshots displaying the info:

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