Facebook’s Weekly Change

As we all know, Facebook enjoys to change features and details on their website on a weekly basis and this week has made a couple more changes.

One of the new features introduced is the “subscribe” option.  This allows the user to see a person’s “public updates” without having to be that particular person’s friend.  This new “subscription” feature is somewhat similar to that of following someone on Twitter or Google+ in an attempt to be able to connect with a broader audience such as athletes or celebrities.  Starting Wednesday, Facebook users will see a button (labeled “subscribe”) next to the “message” and “poke” buttons on Facebook profiles. Once the button is pressed, the user will begin to see status updates on their news feed just as if they were Facebook friends.

The new subscription feature is also handy for people who want greater control over what appears in their News Feed. Facebook says the feature will help users decide what they want to see and what they don’t.

The next change Facebook has made is changing the way it handles its friend lists.  The new feature changes the way it handles its friends lists, the features that lets users sort their friends into broad categories and share content selectively.

According to a recent blog post from Facebook, they have built in three new list features that will be available to all users this week.

The first features is “smart lists” which automatically populate groups based on those who have the same workplace listed as you, those who’ve attended the same school as you, family members, and friends who live nearby.  Users will have the ability to add or remove friends manually if they so choose.

The other two list features are the “close friends” and “acquaintances” options which let you control what you see on your news feed.  Adding someone to the “acquaintances” list effectively mutes their posts in your news feed except for “big events”.



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  1. interesting the fight to stay on top of social media mountain ???

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