Facebook Users Uproar Over News Feed Changes

If you are not already aware, Facebook has recently made a couple changes to their layout by adding a new functionality to their news feed which spits out your “Top Stories” by crunching factors such as which friends you interact with most and which of your friends’ posts get the most comments or “likes”.  Besides this, Facebook also added in a new ”
ticker” display which shows real-time updates on anything that your friends do (comment on a post/picture, post a status, change information…etc).

Like always, any minor change in Facebook’s layout will cause a huge uproar within the users and if the “trend” continues, then people will most likely learn to love the new features.

However, Facebook is receiving tons of complaints from users who are disappointed with the new features saying that the “top stories” feature doesn’t work and that the new “ticker” display is crowded and should be deleted (Find out how to get rid of the ticker display).

Wrote Amanda Stein: “To put it simply, I hate the new format. And I’ve been sending in feedback saying so since I first became an unwilling beta tester for it. It’s awful. I do not want Facebook telling me what stories are important. Nearly every story so far that has been marked as a Top Story hasn’t been important at all. One of my friends liking another friend’s FarmVille post is not important. Another friend changing her profile picture is not important. You are acting like you’ve improved the functionality of Facebook but you’ve done the opposite.”

Facebook may want to take these complaints more seriously this time as Google+ opened up their site so that everyone can join as of yesterday and unhappy Facebook users might make their way over to Google+.

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  1. Thank you so much ! That ticker was really annoying ! But finally got rid of it. Phew.

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