Samsung Galaxy S Phones Won’t Have Android Update

Earlier today, Samsung announced that its line of Galaxy S phones, which include some of the most popular phones on the market today, will not be receiving the latest Android update, Ice Cream Sandwich.

This means that about 10 million people will be out of luck and will have to be satisfied with the outdated, Android 2.3 also known as Gingerbread until they decide to drop more money on a brand new phone.

Many of the Galaxy S users are asking, “Why??”.  Well, Samsung says its hardware isn’t powerful enough to support Ice Cream Sandwich and its TouchWiz skin for Android. (TouchWiz is the extra layer of design Samsung adds to its Android phones)

This is awful news to many.  With this announcement, Samsung has made Google look pretty foolish when Google said that Android devices will start getting on a somewhat unified update cycle, similar to what iPhone and Windows Phone users enjoy now.

This is making Android’s popularity fall pretty fast as their updating “system” needs some major work.  It seems that the only way you are guaranteed the new Ice Cream Sandwich is if you purchase the new Galaxy Nexus phone otherwise you will be waiting weeks, months, or forever before Samsung decides that it’s time for your phone to be updated.

Like I said, this is causing Android’s ranking to fall to both Apple and Microsoft.  Look at Microsoft, every single Windows Phone is eligible for the latest version of  Windows Phone 7, even if the phone was released more than a year ago.

Google needs to get it together and figure out a way to keep its customers around or they will end up with little to no customers at all.

Twitter updates on this subject

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  1. John Resington

    Nothing new here. We bought (2) VZW Fascinates in Sept 2010, SAM SONG published a “promised” update by January 2011. That update did not occur. We took the Fascinates “off-line” circa September 2011 when NO Android updates occured. We went to the DROID. Motorola released several Android updates during our ownership term.

    LESSON: DONT BELIEVE what Sam Song says or publishes-chances are it’s a marketing “lie”.

    SAMSUNG does not update its phone OS’es because they do not want to jeopardize sales of its newer OS phone by cannibalizing them.

    BUY Apple iPhone or the Motorola DROID.


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