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Computer Worm Steals Facebook Accounts

This week, a computer worm called Ramnit has been used to compromise approximately 45,000 Facebook accounts, most of them in Europe and the UK, a security firm reported this week. According to Seculert, the Ramnit worm, which has been described as “a multi-component malware family which infects Windows executable as well as HTML files,” is now targeting social media sites such as Facebook.

The Seculert team also stated, “We suspect that the attackers behind Ramnit are using the stolen credentials to log-in to victims’ Facebook accounts and to transmit malicious links to their friends, thereby magnifying the malware’s spread even further. In addition, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the fact that users tend to use the same password in various web-based services (Facebook, Gmail, Corporate SSL VPN, Outlook Web Access, etc.) to gain remote access to corporate networks.”

Facebook is assuring people that the issue is under control.

“Our security experts have reviewed the data, and while the majority of the information was out of date, we have initiated remedial steps for all affected users to ensure the security of their accounts”.

Facebook Messenger Client For Windows

Close to a month ago, gave us an early look at the Facebook Messenger client and now, it’s finally available for download.  A copy of the Facebook messenger app was recently leaked on the TechIT website.  Not much in the way of surprises here, but if you’re the sort that prefers desktop applications to websites or mobile apps, you’ll be glad to know that it provides access to not just Facebook chat, but status updates and notifications from your friends as well.

Download the client here.

“Hidden” Facebook Message Inbox

Not too long ago, Facebook introduced a brand new feature that you may or may have not noticed.  They call it a “Social Inbox” and it is designed to sort your inbox messages into two categories, which results in you missing a massive amount of connections if you do not make that extra click.  Many users are up in arms about this saying that they weren’t properly informed of this change.

Now the question is this: should Facebook have made a greater effort to tell you that you had a new place to click if you wanted to get messages from strangers?

There seems to be a large controversy on this whole extra inbox folder.  Some people are angry that they are missing messages that could be from long lost relatives or even a employee trying to come in contact with you.  While on the other hand, many people are saying that all they found in the extra inbox was a bunch of spam?

What did you find? Vote below

Google+ Traffic Increases 1,269%

Ever since the “new” social networking site, Google+, has opened their doors to the world, it seems that a lot of people want in.

According to Heather Dougherty, a director of research at Hitwise in the US, “Google+ emerged as the third largest site in the Social Network and Forums category last Wednesday [in the US], a day after the site went from ‘invitation-only’ to ‘open access’ available to everyone,”.

“Opening access created a massive spike in market share of visits for the site, with a 1269% growth from the week ending September 17 to the week of September 24. The site … received nearly 15 million total US visits last week.”

Tim Lovitt, with Google, says, “increasing market share for Google Plus more than 455 per cent compared to the previous week”.

Heather Dougherty added in a blog post on the network’s traffic: “In just one week, Google+ went from ranking as [the] 54th most visited site in our Social Networking and Forums category to 8th place.”

This outstanding jump in Google+ states shows both how many people are interested in joining the site AND how upset people are with Facebook’s recent changes.


Facebook NOT Charging Users

If you’re are a user of Facebook then chances are that you have seen the common rumors floating around lately of Facebook introducing charges to members.  However, Facebook has confirmed that these rumors are NOT true.

If you missed the rumor, it said that Facebook could charge users as much as $10 a month starting today (Monday) and caused a widespread of panic on the social networking site.

Most likely, you as a Facebook user might have seen this set as many people’s status’s starting on Sunday.


By late Sunday, Facebook caught site of the rumor and cleared things up.

“A rumor on the internet caught our attention. We have no plans to charge for Facebook. It’s free and always will be,” read the Facebook post by Facebook.

So if there are ever any rumors out there saying that Facebook will start charging users, make sure to note that they are not true.

Haters of Facebook Changes Build Up

In a recent survey of over 1,000 people conducted by Sodahead, a social-voting-based site, it has been shown that Facebook users aren’t too happy with the recent changes the social network has made.

According to this survey of 1000 people, about 86% of the social network audience said that they strongly disliked the recent changes Facebook has made.

The most disapproval for the new features came from teens, with a whopping 91 percent of that group saying that Facebook should nix the changes. Seventy-nine percent of young adults said they disapproved of the new changes, although the site does not explicitly lay out who constitutes a young adult.

To narrow down the results even more, it appears that women are more upset about the changes than men.  Eighty-nine percent of women called for scrapping the new Facebook, while only 78 percent of men have said they disapprove of the new features.

Through all of these upset Facebook users, there is a small portion of them that actually enjoy the new changes.  These users, according to the study, tend to be information technology employees, or people who had an income of $100,000 or more per year.

This of course is not the first, nor the last time that Facebook users have been upset about changes to the site.  And like always, over time, users will love the new changes.

New Facebook Profile Layout


So if you have been reading about Facebook’s f8 conference lately, then you should know that they have announced some pretty significant changes to the layout of the site as well as adding in different features that integrate different softwares such as Spotify or SoundCloud.

However, their biggest change is to the layout of the profiles although not many people know of it yet because it has not been fully launched.  The “new profile” is called Facebook Timeline and was just recently announced at Facebook’s f8 developers conference.  No worries though, as you can activate the new profile on your Facebook with just a couple easy to do steps.  First off, just follow this link.

Here is a tutorial showing off the new Facebook profile made by my good friend Marques Brownlee.

Facebook Brings Music, News, and Video to Your Profile

Facebook’s f8 developer’s conference was held today and Mark Zuckerberg has just announced another plan for his social network.  Open Graph will now integrate many of your favorite news and music services, including Spotify, Rhapsody, and Rdio on to your Facebook page with custom apps and will also bring video from Vevo, Netflix, Hulu and many more.

The media platform’s already up and running, so you can see (and hear) the results of Mark’s labor right now.

Facebook Users Uproar Over News Feed Changes

If you are not already aware, Facebook has recently made a couple changes to their layout by adding a new functionality to their news feed which spits out your “Top Stories” by crunching factors such as which friends you interact with most and which of your friends’ posts get the most comments or “likes”.  Besides this, Facebook also added in a new ”
ticker” display which shows real-time updates on anything that your friends do (comment on a post/picture, post a status, change information…etc).

Like always, any minor change in Facebook’s layout will cause a huge uproar within the users and if the “trend” continues, then people will most likely learn to love the new features.

However, Facebook is receiving tons of complaints from users who are disappointed with the new features saying that the “top stories” feature doesn’t work and that the new “ticker” display is crowded and should be deleted (Find out how to get rid of the ticker display).

Wrote Amanda Stein: “To put it simply, I hate the new format. And I’ve been sending in feedback saying so since I first became an unwilling beta tester for it. It’s awful. I do not want Facebook telling me what stories are important. Nearly every story so far that has been marked as a Top Story hasn’t been important at all. One of my friends liking another friend’s FarmVille post is not important. Another friend changing her profile picture is not important. You are acting like you’ve improved the functionality of Facebook but you’ve done the opposite.”

Facebook may want to take these complaints more seriously this time as Google+ opened up their site so that everyone can join as of yesterday and unhappy Facebook users might make their way over to Google+.

Time For The Weekly Facebook Changes

Starting on Thursday, Facebook will unveil a real-time stream of what users are watching and listening to online.

The social network will introduce its new “ticker” stream alongside partnerships with major media companies at its f8 conference in San Francisco.

Founder Mark Zuckerberg will unveil this update as well as adding some changes to the “Like” feature allowing developers to create their own verbs such as “Want”, “Desire” or “Need”.

Facebook’s 750 million users will be able to automatically share activity such as viewing, listening and reading in the live “ticker” stream, once they have opted in to the feature. The new stream will be separate from the existing Facebook news feed, although popular items – such as the most frequently played songs among friends – will appear in the column.