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Developer Sells Complete Ownership to App on Ebay

That’s right, now is your chance to make hundreds of dollars off of an iPhone app, and you don’t even have to do anything!

Mobile app developer Neal Schmidt, maker of the scavenger hunt game Buckshot, is selling his iPhone app on eBay where it had a starting price of just $1.00 (On December 29th).  According to the listing, the purchase is for “complete ownership” of the game including both the free and paid versions.

The bidding started slow but as of  right now (January 3rd), there has been 69 bids and the selling price is at $4,650!

According to the seller “nSchmidt7,” the multi-player photo scavenger hunt game now has attracted 20,000 registered players since its May 2011 launch. It generates $300/month in revenue from sales and iAds in the free version. In addition, the Amazon cloud server the app runs on is a little more than $2/day.

The bid war ends on January 5th so get your bids in!

See bidding in action!

Twitter Receives a Interface Update

Social-networking hub Twitter will roll out a significant redesign of its Web and mobile platforms in coming weeks that promises to be “faster and simpler.”

The layout looks a lot cleaner by featuring Home, Connect, and Discover tabs across the top of the page.  Home hosts the main feed of Tweets from other users; Connect is where they can directly contact others; and Discover is where they can find popular topics or hashtags and view the activity of followed users.

The new design will become available in the next few weeks but mobile users can access it now by downloading and logging into Twitter on either your iPhone or Android device.

Here is a review of the new design by YouTube partner, MarquesBrownLee.


Your iPhone May Catch on Fire!

Reports say that last Friday, some passengers that were on a flight from Lismore to Sydney saw black smoke in the cabin.  While looking for the source of the smoke, it was found to be coming from a passenger’s Apple iPhone 4, which combusted in mid flight.

The iPhone began glowing red and emitting dense smoke on the flight according to Regional Express.

“In accordance with company standard safety procedures, the flight attendant carried out recovery actions immediately, and the red glow was extinguished successfully. All passengers and crew on-board were unharmed,” REX said in a statement.

While the cause of the apparent combustion is still unclear, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority recently issued a warning over lithium batteries in-flight. The safety authority limits the carriage of batteries to two, with a requirement for them to be placed in separate bags to protect the terminals and the battery from short circuiting.

Apple Regretting Their “New” iPhone With Competition Coming From Google

Earlier this week, many fans of Apple products found themselves disappointed when the unveiling of Apple’s “new” iPhone (the iPhone 4S) when noticing that everything about the phone was the same with some minor upgrades that didn’t live up to the hype that the media gave.

Apple may start to regret their choice on releasing the 4S with competition showing up from Google.  Just 24 hours after the launch of the iPhone 4S, Google released a trailer saying that “something BIG was coming” which was a preview for their upcoming, much anticipated, Nexus Prime which many people believe will be the first phone to run on Android 3.5 Ice Cream Sandwich.

This week Samsung unveiled in its home nation of South Korea the monstrous Galaxy S II HD LTE, complete with a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED handset with 1280 x 720 pixel resolution — 50 percent more pixels than the iPhone 4S display.  The Nexus Prime is expected to get an LTE modem and a similar high-resolution screen.

Not much is known or could be told from watching the video but there are a lot of people excited for it and now with disappointed Apple fans, Google might be seeing an increase in business in the upcoming months.

Apple Launches iPhone 4S at Apple Event

Earlier today at the much anticipated Apple event,  Tim Cook announced the release of the new iPhone, the iPhone 4S.  From a quick look at the phone, it looks to be the same as the previous version (iPhone 4) but on the inside, the 4S holds many advantages over the iPhone 4.

The new 4S will continue to have the 3.5 inch Retina display just as previous versions that we have all come to know and love.  Besides this, the phone will have a brand new dual-core A5 chip alongside a new dual-core GPU that has been said to boost graphic performance 7x.  The antennae around the sides (which caused many users so much trouble) have been revamped and iOS will intelligently switch between two different sets on the fly to avoid dropping calls no matter how you hold it.

On the back of the phone there is a 8-megapixel camera which has a CMOS sensor which helps capture better pictures in low-light situations.  The improvement in visuals also extends to video.  The 4S can now record 1080p video  and has a new image signal processor for image stabilization and facial recognition, making the handset’s camera comparable to many point-and-shoots.  This new camera is also said to be faster than most smartphone cameras out there needing only 1.1 seconds before being able to shoot the first picture and only half a second between successful pictures.

Besides these new features on the iPhone 4S, the phone is the first to “test” out the new vocal recognition software, Siri.  Just tap the mic on the keyboard and start talking to enter text, check the weather, get directions or perform web searches.

The 4S will come in both black and white, starting at $199 for 16GB and $299 for the 32GB, but the big news is a new 64GB model coming in at a whopping $399. You’ll be able to pre-order this friday, October 7th, and it’ll start shipping on October 14th in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, and Japan.

Side note, is that Apple is officially welcoming Sprint to the family here in the states while Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Three will all be carrying it in the UK.

iPhone 5 Case Suggest Larger and Thinner Design

Images of the new iPhone 5 cases have just been leaked and it continues with the “rumor” that the new design will be larger and thinner as well as having a curved back.  On the other hand, recent leaked images of the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S (name hasn’t been decided) show that the design has barely changed so which one do we believe?  Guess we’ll just have to wait until launch date to see what the final product will look like.

Apple Has a Video Streaming Service?

Apple is rumored to be in the makings of their first video streaming service supposedly called “iTunes Replay”.

Peter Misek, a Jefferies analyst, says “As part of Apple’s roll-out of cloud video services, we believe Apple has unannounced deals with all/most of the studios/TV networks that are similar to the subscription streaming deal between Amazon and CBS.”

Misek’s idea goes along very well with a article from AppAdvice which says, “Apple is on the edge of finally launching a full-fledged re-downloading and possibly streaming service called iTunes Replay.”

The report also states that this new service will be available on Apple TV and most likely, any iOS device. While no desktop-available version has been announced yet.

This would be a huge investment for Apple and would most likely “grab” some customers back who left iTunes for other music services such as the new Spotify.

iPhone 5 Rumors

With the upcoming rumors of Apple’s new iPhone, which will either be called the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S,  lots of rumors have been rising up.

People have been expecting the launch to be in mid September but a recent report from, suggests that we should be expecting not a September launch, but one in late October.

Although many reports on release dates have been put out, Apple has yet to release any tips on release dates or even specs on the iPhone itself.  Some people have said that the iPhone 5 will feature a larger screen (around 4 inches) while others have said that it will remain at 3.5 inches.  Another rumor is that the new design will feature a more “rounded” look to it.  Along with this, almost everyone can agree that the new design will be slimmed down and will include Apple’s new A5 dual-core processor to replace the iPhone 4’s A4 single-core processor.

So obviously, there are plenty of rumors going around to get everyone hyped up about the new iPhone.  We won’t know for sure until Apple releases the specs for the phone.




AT&T Throttling on Data Plans

If you are a AT&T customer, starting on October 1st beware of how much data you are using up.  AT&T announced today that they will be throttling data for the users in the top 5% of data usage.  This whole “data throttling” idea will only be affecting those with an unlimited data plan so those of you who are not on this, then you have nothing to worry about.

Although this may seem bad to some people, there should not be that large of a worry.  In order to get in that “special” top 5% of users, you would have to use an insanely large amount of data.  According to AT&T, those who are in the top 5% on average use 12 times more data than the average user uses. This would take mass amounts of online gaming, video streaming, or sending large files of data such as HD movies.

If this does in fact worry you, AT&T stated that they would “warn” these users if they are coming close to their data cap and if you end up reaching that top 5%, your internet speed will go back to normal at the beginning of the next billing period.

This is only the first of the domino effect as Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile have also announced that in the upcoming months, they will also be putting data caps on their customer’s plans.

Apple’s Next Surprise

According to a article by Digitimes, Apple has been making numerous deals with different Taiwan-based component factories in hopes of making their next “surprise”, the iPad 3, a cheaper more available product.

Some of these companies include Richtek Technology, Capella Microsystems, and Novatek Microelectronics.

The new iPad will have an improved display along with full 1080p HD support.  Rumors say that it will arrive with the iPhone 5 in September but a recent report from China Times states that the launch will be delayed until November.