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Want Upgrade To Ice Cream Sandwich Early?

Although many of use are still waiting for the much anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich Android update, there might be an opportunity for some of you to get it early.  CyanogenMod has developed their own version of Ice Cream Sandwhich and is offering it to certain mobile phones right now.

CyanogenMod is an aftermarket firmware for Android phones.  Essentially it’s a ROM that brings all kinds of new features and controls to Android, along with a slick interface.  The members of CyanogenMod have been working hard these last couple weeks building “CyanogenMod 9”, which is based off of the open source code for Ice Cream Sandwich that Google just released.

Unfortunatly, CyanogenMod 9 is only available for the Samsung Nexus S (alpha version) , and the Galaxy S (beta version) at the moment.

The builds have been available for about a week now, and the chatter on the user and developer forums has been mostly positive, with the exception of a few persistent bugs involving MMS and a few other things.

BE WARNED.  The downfall here is that there’s always some risk associated with modding or rooting and it’s possible to end up with a bricked phone. Be sure to use an app like Titanium to backup everything on your phone before attempting to install CyanogenMod.

Ice Cream Sandwich Rumors

Only 48 more hours to go and new rumors about the new Android upgrade are still coming up.  The newest of these rumors shows that Ice Cream Sandwich will feature some photo-editing tools.

If a number of uncovered camera icons are to be believed, the next build of Android could make it much easier to touch up photos.  AndroidPolice,  indicates that users will have the ability to perform standard editing techniques and apply effects to pictures without the need to download additional software.

Currently, Android users must rely on applications such as Picplz, Photoshop, or Color Touch Effects if they wish to enhance photos. Many of Android’s apps then allow the user to share the images across social networking sites, e-mail, and other avenues once finished editing.

No one is sure how effective or useful these new features will be, but it is to be expected that Android users will continue to stick to their favorite photo-editing apps.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Delayed

Earlier today, Google announced the delay of the expected launch of Android’s latest upgrade, Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest in a series of operating systems named after sweets, was anticipated to combine previous smartphone and tablet versions, known as Gingerbread and Honeycomb, into a cohesive whole.

Recent plans for the Samsung event on October 11, where the Ice Cream Sandwich and a new Samsung phone running on the operating system were expected to be unveiled, has been canceled.

The reason? A Google spokesperson said it was out of respect for the loss of Steve Jobs.

“Samsung and Google decide to postpone the new product announcement at CTIA Fall,” the companies said in a joint statement. “We agree that it is just not the right time to announce a new product. New date and venue will be shortly announced.”

Battlefield 3 Beta Hacked!

Just recently, the Battlefield 3 blog has snapped screenshots of  hacked Battlefield 3 beta servers, which has been given a somewhat aggressive name.

Since the beta has been released, players have been able to play multiplayer multiple maps (The Operation Metro and Rush maps).  These maps are made to support 32 players.  However, recent sightings have shown these severs being hacked and “overloaded” with 64 and even 128 players.

EA has warned players not to join hacked servers via Battlelog, threatening users with EA account bannings.

BF3 Multiplayer Trailer

T-Mobile Introduces Two New Smartphones

Earlier today at the GigaOM Mobilize conference, T-Mobile announced the forthcoming of two new smartphones running on the 4G network.

Cole Brodman, chief marketing officer for the company, revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC Amaze 4G soon will be available on T-Mobile’s 4G network, which is based on HPSA+ 42 technology. He said users of the two smartphones could expect download speeds of 8 Mbps on average and 20 Mbps peak.

Both smartphones are scheduled to be available on October 12. A week ago, AT&T said it would offer the Samsung Galaxy S II on its network on October 2.

Along with these two smartphones, Brodman also introduced T-Mobile’s new 4G Mobile Hotspot which allows up to five devices to connect to the internet.

Samsung Illusion Photos Leaked

Samsung accidentally leaked photos of an upcoming Android smartphone for Verizon on Flickr this morning.   The device is called the Samsung Illusion and it’s very much a reality now that the company inadvertently posted a public preview of the device via Flickr, but then quickly set the image to private.

You might know the device as the Samsung Viper.  Some of the specs of the device include 1GHz processor, with a 3-5 megapixel camera, 320 x 480 resolution, as well as running on the latest version of Android (Gingerbread).

Most of the details on the handset have not been confirmed except that it will be a eco-friendly device with a Sustainable Product Certification. It is expected to arrive on Verizon around September 29, priced at $100 or less with a new two-year contract.

iPad 3 on it’s way!!….Next Year

Earlier today, AllThingsDigital reported that the rumored fall iPad update is looking very unlikely.  Along with this, the iPad 3 shouldn’t be expected until next year.

“In recent months, there has been rising investor speculation that a new iPad 3 would be launched for the holiday season,” Moskowitz wrote in a research note to clients. “Our latest research continues to indicate that there is no such device slated for production this year. … There are prototypes in the supply chain related to the next-generation device, but our conversations with industry participants suggest that a new device will not be available until sometime in calendar 2012.”

The iPad 2 launched in March now holds a 68.3% market share of the tablet market.  Without much competition to upset that percentage, it is easy to see why Apple is not rushing around to get the iPad 3 out.

Windows 8 Developer Preview

Can’t get Windows 8 off your mind? Want to mess around with it and see the new features?  Worry no more because at 8PM (Pacific Time) tonight, you will be able to download a copy of the Windows Developer Preview to your 32- or 64-bit x86 machine (no activation required) from  It is recommended that you make the change on a separate partition (or a spare machine altogether) in order to prevent unforeseen conflicts, and we’d also suggest having a stiff glass of patience waiting nearby. Something tells us Redmond’s servers are going to be hammered.

GameStop To Bring Android Gaming Tablet To Market

GameStop, which has recently announced their intentions of becoming a technology company, has officially chosen Google’s Android OS for its upcoming tablet-based gaming platform.  The video game retailer’s prexy Tony Bartel relayed the news to, and plans to sell the slate alongside offerings from industry heavyweights.  Rumors say that a pre-production design has already been selected for the tablet.  You can expect the tablet to come pre-loaded with a handful of games and for it to be a cloud-based gaming platform.  Consumers in Dallas were the first to get a hands-on with the beta device that should sport a custom designed inbuilt controller at launch.  The tablet could also be seeing third party exclusives head to the platform.

Check out the full story here.

Jelly Bean Next on Google’s Desert List

People may not think of “jelly bean” as a good tasting desert anymore as rumors say that it may be the name of Google’s next Android update after Ice Cream Sandwich.

Tech site “This Is My Next” cited a trusted source as saying that “Jelly Bean” will continue Google’s tradition of naming Android builds after sweet treats in alphabetical order.

“We’re hearing from another well-regarded source that Jelly Bean is in the running for the name, but that the choice hasn’t yet been finalized by Google; for what it’s worth, the pickings are fairly slim for desserts with ‘J’ names, so Jelly Bean seems like a solid choice,” it said.

According to the site, there will be some major architectural, design and functional changes since the release of Google’s last update, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Also, it said that with rumors of the Ice Cream Sandwich-powered Nexus Prime from Samsung hitting fever pitch lately, it seems likely that an announcement is imminent.