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Apple to use magnets to attach accessories on iPad

ipad-magnet-accessories-patentThe US Patent and Trademark Office published earlier today that Google has put a patent on a “Magnetic Attachment Unit”.  This patent describes how the iPad’s current magnet system could be expanded to allow the device to connect to docks, joysticks, cameras, and even other iPads.  This way, consumers would not have to spend time thinking about what type of connector they need when they are purchasing their next iPad accessory.

As described in the patent, accessories would be able to connect to any side of the device (including the bottom).  Users would also be able to connect and disconnect the accessory by pressing the home button.

The patent also describes a “magnetic ring” that will supposedly give users the ability to move your hand above the screen in order to take advantage of some features.

Other possibilities of what could be developed from this “Magnetic Attachment Unit” is that two iPads would be able to connect to each other and send content displayed from one screen to the other.  Also, you could turn your tablet into a computer by attaching a second iPad, and using it as a virtual keyboard for the main iPad.

This will definitely open up a large doorway of opportunities but unfortunately just because they filed the patent, doesn’t mean that we will ever see the technology.  However, it does look to be very possible since the current iPad already has magnets built in (to support smart covers) so we may see this technology in the near future.

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Portable Android Platform

Just when you thought that Android couldn’t get any better, a new company called WIMM came along.  As of earlier today, WIMM has announced the making of a small, wearable, computing platform that is built based on Android.

The product is called the WIMM One and it will be released in the third quarter of this year.  The platform has a 1.4 inch touch screen display and has Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.  Besides this, it also includes an accelerometer, and magnetometer is order to track your motion (i.e. on a bike or while you’re running).  The WIMM One is designed to be fit into wristwatches, keychains, or even a clip for your bicycle.

The WIMM One will comes loaded with a variety of “micro apps” as the company calls them.  Unfortunatly, even thought the WIMM One can connect to Wi-Fi, the only way to manage the device and add more “micro apps” is to connect it through your computer.

This seems to be the start of a new type of technology integrated into wristwatches and keychains and it is something that we should keep an eye out for in the near future.



Asus Transformer 2?

As a follow up from an earlier post, this weekend Asus announced that a Transformer 2 is in the making.  Although it has been announced, there has been no details about the device or any clue on the launch date but we can probably assume that it will be revealed on or around the next Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January.  The only thing there has been speculation about is that the new tablet will most likely support Nvidia’s new quad-core processor.  However, Asus chairman promised that it will be “impressive”.

New Look To Tablet PCs

If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you would have read this post back in January convering the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on different tablets PCs that were coming out this year.  I mainly focused on the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and how different and revolutionized it looked.

The Eee Pad Transformer has proved itself to be different in design when compared to leading tablet PCs such as the iPad or Motorola’s Xoom tablet. The Transformer has been considered to be a “hybrid” tablet as it can be used as a regular tablet PC but at the same time, can be used as a regular laptop with regular laptop capabilities.

The Eee Pad runs on a 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM.  It also features a 10.1 inch Gorilla Glass multitouch screen.  As cameras go, it will come with a 1.2 megapixel front facing camera as well as a 5 megapixel back facing camera. The “laptop” attachment (a.k.a. the keyboard) consists of only the keyboard, trackpad, and a battery (battery lasts an astounding 16 hours long).

This seem to be a great new “revolutionized” version of any tablet out right now and it will be interesting to see if companies start to design their tablets off of this sort of design.

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iPhone 5 Rumors

With the upcoming rumors of Apple’s new iPhone, which will either be called the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S,  lots of rumors have been rising up.

People have been expecting the launch to be in mid September but a recent report from, suggests that we should be expecting not a September launch, but one in late October.

Although many reports on release dates have been put out, Apple has yet to release any tips on release dates or even specs on the iPhone itself.  Some people have said that the iPhone 5 will feature a larger screen (around 4 inches) while others have said that it will remain at 3.5 inches.  Another rumor is that the new design will feature a more “rounded” look to it.  Along with this, almost everyone can agree that the new design will be slimmed down and will include Apple’s new A5 dual-core processor to replace the iPhone 4’s A4 single-core processor.

So obviously, there are plenty of rumors going around to get everyone hyped up about the new iPhone.  We won’t know for sure until Apple releases the specs for the phone.




Time to Welcome the Dell Streak 10

It is now official that this morning, Dell launched its new 10-inch tablet, the Dell Streak 10.  The Streak is the third Android tablet launched by Dell but it is the first of the three to have a 10-inch screen and to come with Android 2.3 also known as Honeycomb.  The new tablet is said to provide a rough competition with other popular tablets that are out right now such as Apple’s iPad or Motorola’s Xoom.

Not many specifications were released by we do know that the Streak is half of an inch think as well as weighing 1.5 pounds.  It also has a brushed aluminum back with a 1280 x 800 screen on the front.  There will also be front and rear facing cameras (front being 5 megapixels).  Some other features included at full 1080p HD video playback, and SD card slot, and a dual-core processor.

One of the interesting capabilities about this new tablet is that upon purchase, the user will get the option to also purchase a portable dock for the Streak.  This dock allows connections similar to a PC.  These connections include multiple USB ports, an HDMI port, and an Ethernet port.  There will also be connections making external monitors possible.

Since the Dell Streak 10 is being debuted in China first, it is being sold for 2,999 yen which equals out to be around $465.

4G Galaxy Tab On its Way

On Thursday, July 28th, Verizon Wireless will be releasing their newest product, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 4G tablet.  Users will be able to decide between two different models: a 16GB ($529.99) and 32GB ($629.99).  And if the users want to connect to Verizon’s LTE network, they will have the option of three different data plans (2GB, 5GB, and 10GB).

The new tablet looks to be impressive with a 10.1 inch display and will be running on a 1GHz dual-core processor.  The Galaxy Tab will be available in two different colors: metallic gray, or glossy white.  And like the last version of the Samsung Galaxy tablet, the users will get the option of connecting to the internet through Wi-Fi. It will come with Android 3.1 Honeycomb and will have a 3 megapixel rear facing camera along with a 2 megapixel front facing camera. The tablet will also have 1080p HD video playback.

Overall, that tablet looks impressive and as other bloggers have pointed out, it easily passes up the iPad 2 with all of its specs and more importantly, allowing users to access the new 4G network (iPad 2 can only use 3G).

AT&T’s newest phone

Earlier on February 3rd, At&t announced that starting on the 13th, users will be allowed to pre-order their newest phone, the Motorola Atrix, which will be coming out on March 6th.  The phone will run on the brand new 4G network and will go for $199.99 with a new two-year contract.

The Atrix will be powered by Android 2.2 and a insanely fast Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor. Besides having 1GB of RAM, it will also have a 4 inch touch screen display along with both a rear and front facing camera.

The down side? It costs $45 a month in order to get 2GB of data compared to other companies such as Verizon that offers unlimited data for $30 a month. All in all, look s like a good phone but may be a little bit pricey. Thoughts?

HTC Tablet leaked!

Earlier today, some specs from HTC’s upcoming tablet known to be the “Flyer” were leaked to the public including the screen size, resolution and, processor.

To start off, the HTC Flyer looks oddly similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab with it having a 7 inch touch screen and 1024×600 screen resolution that will all be controlled by using a stylus.  The Flyer will also be running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and will have 1GB of RAM.  It will also be running on Android 2.3 rather than Honeycomb (Android 2.3).

Physical features look decent on the device. It will have HDMI capabilities and also both a front and rear facing camera.  The front is 1.3mp while the rear is 3mp but has a flash.

That’s the end to the leaked specs.  Doesn’t look like this device will be much of a “threat” to other company’s upcoming tablets but still always nice to have options to choose from.

Samsung vs. Apple

So a teaser video on YouTube has been put up showing off the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2’s specs and features and comparing it to the iPad 2, there seems to be strong competition.

The Galaxy Tab 2 will still have a 7 inch display but this time, the resolution will be 2048×1200.  The device is also said to support a 3D display and it will be run on NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor.

The tablet will come installed with Android 2.3 but the user will have the option to upgrade it to Android 2.3, also known as Honeycomb.  Besides this, it will have 1GB of RAM along with a whopping 64GB of internal storage. As a big upgrade from the first Galaxy Tab, the new tablet will have a 8MP rear camera as well as a 3MP front facing camera (the first tablet had a 1.3 MP front facing camera).  Huge advantage over the iPad 2 here as it has been said that the iPad 2 will have only a 1MP rear camera and a 0.3MP front facing camera (didn’t know anything went that low).

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 looks to be a huge competitor towards not only the iPad 2 but also other tablets coming out soon such as RIM’s PlayBook.