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Microsoft Fixing Xbox Live Glitch

Microsoft is aware of a glitch that has been shutting some Xbox 360 users out of the Xbox Live network ever since the new dashboard update that was released in early December.

These new Xbox errors have started coming up in the past week, according to gaming site Joystiq, with subscribers getting locked out of the network, unable to purchase content from Microsoft’s online store, and prevented from downloading their profiles.

The common code that many users have been seeing is code “801540B7” as well as code “80070571”.  The site has heard back from Microsoft, which reports that it knows about the issue and is working on a fix.

“We have recently identified an Xbox Live profile data error that results in Error Code ‘801540B7’ for a small number of Xbox Live members,” somebody on the Xbox Live team told Joystiq. “The error instructs users to attempt to re-download their Xbox Live profile and directs them to customer service support for further assistance. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to our loyal Xbox Live members and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

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The Good and The Bad of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Update

If you are an owner of a Xbox 360 then chances are that you received the new dashboard update yesterday and had to go to hell and back in order for it to work (most of you).  After a delay on the release of the update which left many users unhappy, the new update was distributed to the 35 million Xbox Live users around the world.  This marked a huge stepping stone for Microsoft but it seems as though there were mixed emotions on it.  However, people were still having trouble with the update as it prevented many users from accessing Xbox Live as you can see in one of my earlier posts.

A Twitter user by the name of “Kelvinwins”  tweeted, “I’m underwhelmed by the Xbox Update,” “Metro design is lovely, but the app selection should have been ready for launch. Just a new skin until then.”

This way just one of the many complaints on the update.  However, not everyone was so picky to the new dashboard.  It seems like there are more people that enjoy the new interface which allows more content to be shown.

“Let me say, I like it. I really do,” an Xbox user going by the handle “PTP Run And Gun” wrote in Microsoft’s official forums. “It’s simplified a lot of things for people but the real treat for me is the ability to add my achievements to Facebook, which is a little similar to the way you can do this with the PlayStation. Basically what I’m saying is that this change is good on the whole but people will always try and resist change no matter the benefits.”

Microsoft announced the “all-new Xbox 360 experience” earlier this week. The update comes with Kinect voice control with Bing search and a new interface.  It also supports professional programming from ESPN, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and others. In the coming weeks and months, content from Comcast, Verizon FiOS TV, HBO Go, and others will be added.  Follow me on Twitter to find out when.

New Xbox Update Leads To Online Problems

Many of you have been anticipating the arrival of the new Xbox 360 dashboard update.  Today, after a delay of the release of the update, users have either 1. got the update and are now enjoying it or 2. you get the update but run into an error message (specifically, error message  3524 0000 0080 0200 8015 1909) that prevents you from playing your games online.

The error has been affecting an alarming amount of people.  Xbox Live’s Director of Programming Larry Hyrb tweeted, ”Some Xbox Live members are getting a connection error when signing in to Live. We are aware of the issue and the team is working it!” Users can also check the current status of all Xbox Live-related services, including Xbox Live itself, here.  (Follow me on Twitter to find out the status)

Some people have found ways to work around this problem.  One solution that seems to work is to sign on to Xbox Live through a different game such as Battlefield and then switch discs.  People have also found that repeatedly trying to find a break in the online traffic eventually works.  Another option is to download the update from to a flashdrive and then install it locally (although many people haven’t found this solution to work as well).

2011 Christmas Wishlist

Having trouble thinking of what to buy for Christmas?  Look no further as this is the top 10 most desired Christmas gifts for 2011!

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1. Apple’s iPod Touch

The iPod touch is a great device for storing music, video, podcasts with multi-touch screen technology. It is the number one handheld gaming device and is a great Christmas gift for 2011 for both kids, teens and adults.

The new generation of the device allows you to take pictures, record HD quality video, and even offers video calling.

2. Apple’s iPad Tablet

The Apple iPad Tablet is probably one of the coolest gifts you can buy this Christmas season. It is an exciting to use new piece of technology. There are so many apps available for the Apple iPad such as fun games and interesting ways to access information on the internet.

3. Xbox 360 Kinect Console

This long awaited addition to the Xbox 360 system is one of the most asked for gift this holiday season. The Kinect console for Xbox 360 enables voice activation for your Xbox 360 system. You can tell the Xbox to play or pause and the Kinect allows it to recognize voice commands. The Kinect also offers remote free operation of Xbox 360 video games.

4. Playstation Move

The Playstation Move is the newest component for the Playstation 3. It enables game players to really get into their game play by bringing motion gaming to PS3 console owners.

5. Amazon Kindle

The Kindle is an electronic reading device for downloading, storing, and reading electronic books, which are also known as e-books.  The Kindle Fire is the newest model for 2011. It offers WiFi, web browsing and thousands of Apps and games.  Any avid reader would love one of these for a Christmas gift.

6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a long awaited new video game. The Call of Duty series of video games have been wildly popular and this one is no exception.  Just about any teen would love to get this as one of their gifts.

7. Samsung LN40C630 40-Inch LCD HDTV

What better gift to give than a tv?  This is a top seller in the tv “section”.  The screen is 40 inches and has full 1080p  HD resolution.  It also includes the ability to connect a thumb drive or digital camera with ease.  If you are considering a TV as a Christmas gift this year this one is the one to buy.

8. Canon Powershot 12.1 MP Digital Camera

A digital camera is always a great gift to give during the holiday season.  This digital camera by Canon is the world’s thinnest digital camera with a 24mm ultra wide-angle lens and 5x optical zoom along with optical image stabilizer. The Canon Powershot offers high speed shooting for a point and shoot camera. It has improved lighting in low light conditions and has 32 predefined shooting situations.

 9. Garmin 5-Inch Portable GPS

This Garmin portable GPS is sunlight-readable and offers a 5-inch backlit TFT color touchscreen display. It is preloaded with City Navigator NT data for the lower 48 states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, with nearly six million points of interest. It has free lifetime map and traffic updates for the most up-to-date maps, POIs, and navigation info, along with constantly updated traffic information.

10. ASUS UL30A-X5 Thin and Light Black Laptop

Many people are asking for laptops this year whether it be for school or just for the portability.  The Asus thin laptop is one of Amazon’s best selling laptops.  It offers a high-gloss 13.3 inch HD display with 1366 x 768 resolution. The 8 cell battery has 12 hours of battery life. The laptop comes loaded with Windows 7 and has a 1.3 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 processor.

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Dec. 6

Yes, it has finally been given a release date. Keep your eyes peeled for December 6th when the dashboard update goes live.  here’s how it is going to look.

It was no surprise that the update was going to deliver a Windows 8 type feel; however, the blue background is a surprise. I don’t know if that is a custom preference or the standard that everyone will have. If it is the standard, I must say it’s shocking. I understand there is  halo theme on this, but the overall blue effect could still be a standard. I would’ve expected the same colors they’ve been using with either that silvery color or the classic green. To change to a color that is not in the Xbox palette  is a little surprising to me. If this is a theme, you can expect the traditional silver background. We know that the use of Kinect is still being promoted and should work well with this layout going forward. Get ready for YouTube, TV (not sure if that’s available at launch), and a whole new navigation experience coming to your living room December 6th.

P.S. also be prepared for a long update like always.

Battlefield 3 Beta Hacked!

Just recently, the Battlefield 3 blog has snapped screenshots of  hacked Battlefield 3 beta servers, which has been given a somewhat aggressive name.

Since the beta has been released, players have been able to play multiplayer multiple maps (The Operation Metro and Rush maps).  These maps are made to support 32 players.  However, recent sightings have shown these severs being hacked and “overloaded” with 64 and even 128 players.

EA has warned players not to join hacked servers via Battlelog, threatening users with EA account bannings.

BF3 Multiplayer Trailer

Xbox Live Coming To Your PC

Earlier today, Microsoft re-confirmed that it will be bringing Xbox Live to PCs running on the new Windows 8.  Xbox Live on Windows (yes, that’s the name) will be bringing the service’s gaming, music, movie and TV content to all Windows 8 devices.  Microsoft has said that they will explain more later into the week, with a build 2011 session for app developers interested in harnessing the service’s features.

CS:GO Gameplay Videos

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which is slated to release sometime next year for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 sometime next year. Valve has also announced that you will be able to play Global Offensive at this years PAX and Eurogamer Expo.

Gameplay Videos Below:

Call of Duty Discounts

Activision has just announced this morning that all Call of Duty titles in the Xbox Live Marketplace will be receiving discounts. These discounts include:

Call of Duty 2 – $19.99

Call of Duty 3 – $19.99

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – $19.99

Call of Duty: World at War – $19.99

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – $39.99

The 15 Legends for 2K12 Revealed!

First thing’s first, the 15 legends are (drum roll please):

Michael Jordan: 92-93 Bulls vs Hornets
Magic Johnson: 90-91 Lakers vs Blazers
Larry Bird: 85-86 Celtics vs Hawks
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 86-87 Lakers vs Celtics
Julius “Dr. J” Erving: 84-85 76ers vs Bucks
Wilt Chamberlain:  71-72 Lakers vs Knicks
Oscar Robertson: 70-71 Bucks vs Lakers
Bill Russell: 64-65 Celtics vs Lakers
Jerry West: 70-71 Lakers vs Hawks
John Stockton: 97-98 Jazz vs Lakers
Isiah Thomas: 88-89 Pistons vs Bulls
Karl Malone: 97-98 Jazz vs Spurs
Scottie Pippen: 95-96 Bulls vs Sonics
Hakeem Olajuwon: 93-94 Rockets vs Nuggets
Patrick Ewing: 94-95 Knicks vs Magic

There they are in all their shining glory. Now there is a lot more to this reveal than meets the eye. We’ll start with some outrage that has come from the community and me personally as well. WHERE ARE REGGIE AND BARKLEY*? Yes, while choosing 15 legends of the game they left out reggie miller and charles barkley who where both voted by the community to be in the list. Which brings me to the community input. 2K posted a poll for the community to choose who they would like to see in the game for the legends. The poll’s results from facebook are shown below.

1.       Shaquille O’Neal – 12.1%

2.       Allen Iverson – 9.4%

3.       Wilt Chamberlain – 8.4%

4.       Reggie Miller – 7%

5.       Hakeem Olajuwon – 6.2%

6.       Charles Barkley – 6%

7.       Bill Russell – 5.1%

8.       Dominique Wilkins – 4%

9.       Oscar Robertson – 3.5%

10.     Karl Malone – 2.5%

11.     John Stockton – 2%

12.     Jerry West – 1.6%

13.     Scottie Pippen – 1.6%

14.     Patrick Ewing – 1.4%

15.     Isiah Thomas – 1.2%

They left out Reggie, Barkley, and Iverson. However, they added Lew Alcindor/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Oscar Roberston, Jerry West, Dr. J, Willis Reed, Walt Frazier, Penny, Rookie Kobe, Maybe Rookie Barkley from 76ers, Tim Hardaway, Chris Mullin, David Robinson, Elgin Baylor, Pistol Pete Maravich, Larry “Grandmama”Johnson, Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo, Mitch Richmond, Chris Webber, John Havlicek, Young Mike Bibby, Muggsy Bogues, Kenny smith, Young Tim Duncan, Robert Horry(not all are legends, but still). What I can’t understand is why the players from last year were included in the legends for this game. I understand you can’t have Jordan not be in a list of legends but you have to add to the legends then.

Regardless of what you think about the list, there are bonuses to this. With the commentary being added upon with the new analyst Steve Kerr, we will be getting even more commentary and hopefully some more conversation. During the legends game mode, the commentators will speak about the players not just up until that point in their life but their entire career as a whole. The developers also wanted to hold true to the game so to add to the real time commentary feel we will also be getting real time broadcast. The older games will feature black and white broadcasts and others will be a little grainy to stay true to the time. Of course, wardrobe has been updated as well. Shorter shorts, higher shoes, and even higher socks have been added and fixed.

A full write up on the legends can be found here.

Sorry it took so long to post this but i have been busy all day. I will always do my best to keep you up to date on the latest game news.