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Apple to use magnets to attach accessories on iPad

ipad-magnet-accessories-patentThe US Patent and Trademark Office published earlier today that Google has put a patent on a “Magnetic Attachment Unit”.  This patent describes how the iPad’s current magnet system could be expanded to allow the device to connect to docks, joysticks, cameras, and even other iPads.  This way, consumers would not have to spend time thinking about what type of connector they need when they are purchasing their next iPad accessory.

As described in the patent, accessories would be able to connect to any side of the device (including the bottom).  Users would also be able to connect and disconnect the accessory by pressing the home button.

The patent also describes a “magnetic ring” that will supposedly give users the ability to move your hand above the screen in order to take advantage of some features.

Other possibilities of what could be developed from this “Magnetic Attachment Unit” is that two iPads would be able to connect to each other and send content displayed from one screen to the other.  Also, you could turn your tablet into a computer by attaching a second iPad, and using it as a virtual keyboard for the main iPad.

This will definitely open up a large doorway of opportunities but unfortunately just because they filed the patent, doesn’t mean that we will ever see the technology.  However, it does look to be very possible since the current iPad already has magnets built in (to support smart covers) so we may see this technology in the near future.

Tell me what you think of this patent and what ideas/products could possibly develop from it in the comments below and on Twitter!

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Steve Jobs Leaves Four More Years of Apple Products

Former Apple CEO has died, but it is looking like we will be seeing his “fingerprints” in most Apple devices in the next four years to come.  The Daily Mail reports that  Jobs left behind plans for at least four generations worth of iPads, iPhones, iPods, and MacBooks.

In order to protect the future of the company he co-founded in 1976, Jobs spent a year preparing plans for four more cycles of these gadgets, the Daily Mail said.

Besides this, Jobs also fought for approval of the plans to build Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino which will be housing 12,000 Apple employees.


Nintendo Backed Into Corner

Not too long ago, Nintendo’s newest product, the Nintendo 3DS, came out with many people expecting it to be the “next thing”.  After its launch, Nintendo realized that sales had dropped and not even been nearly as high as expected.  Ever since then, sales for Nintendo have slowly decreased due to competition in the gaming world with Facebook and smartphones leading the battle.

Although Nintendo’s sales have been down, there is a chance for “revival”.  Many Nintendo investors are now strongly suggesting to partner the company with Apple in order to boost sales and be back in competition once again.  The company’s president, Satoru Iwata, however is not too happy about teaming up with Apple.

An article on on Iwata says, “Nintendo should either try to buy its way into this platform (smartphones), or develop something totally new.”

President Satoru Iwata might want to reconsider this partnership with Apple.  Nintendo reduced its profit forecast by an outstanding 82% and now will continue to reduce prices on their products in order to make their way back to the top.

Apple Media Event September 7th?

Recent rumors have shown up stating that Apple’s traditional fall media event will be held on September 7th.  The fall event is normally to show off the release of new iPods although we haven’t heard any news on new iPods.  However, the new iPhone 5 lines up perfectly and there is a large chance that we can be expecting the launch on this date.

Details on this new iPhone are near to none but it is a common speculation that it will be slimmer, lighter, “rounder”, and a larger screen.

Speech to Text in iOS 5

According to a recent report by 9to5Mac, it seems that iOS 5 will be bringing voice controls to a whole new level.  This feature for iOS 5 will be available for the iPhone and iPod touch but reports say that the iPad will not be able to right away.

9to5Mac says that the text-to-speech feature is pretty simple.  While messaging, the microphone icon will be placed directly next to the space bar.  Press the mic button and start to speak and obviously, words will start to appear on the screen.

Obviously, lots of smartphone’s already have this feature so why should we be excited about this?  Well this can be exciting because iOS 5 can make the voice recognition feature work a LOT better than other phones have in the past.  The new iOS will have full-integrated voice control through a app called Assistant.  Through Assistant, you can control your entire phone without even touching it and Assistant can even talk back to you!  So far, Assistant has not “popped up” in the iOS beta released this weekend so we most likely won’t be seeing in until the release of the iPhone 5.

Download iOS 5 beta

Quick post here.  Just heard that the upcoming iOS 5 for the iPhone 5 is now available for download.  This is just the beta version though so obviously, not everything is going to be perfect in it.  It will be interesting to see what this new software brings to the table

iPhone 5 Competition

A recent document that has been leaked online suggests that Verizon will be coming out with a new phone that in the future (September) will give the upcoming iPhone 5 competition.

The phone is rumored to be called the HTC Vigor and in a post I made earlier this week, it says that the launch date will be on September 29th.  It is said that the Vigor will be the replacement of the HTC Thunderbolt jam packed with features to bring in more customers to the LTE market.

Verizon Wireless has not admitted to the existence of the Vigor so not many specs are known right now.  One of the main features about the phone to get excited about is the brand new 1.5GHz dual-core processor (most, if not all, smartphones right now have a 1GHz processor or less).   Also people have speculation that the camera on this phone will be somewhere at 8 or above megapixels.  Reason being is that since the Vigor is going to be a second generation Thunderbolt, the camera must be a little bit upgraded.  On top of this, the phone will be running on Android’s latest operating system, Android 2.3 commonly known as Gingerbread.

Android over iOS

Quick update

Another state has just been added to the long list of Android dominance over iOS and Blackberry.  The state is both Apple’s and Android’s home state of California that Android recently “took over”.

As seen in a map here, Android has become the “go to” smartphone operating system in the south and southwest part of the United States while iOS is preferred in the Midwestern part.

FBI Makes an App

In America, a child goes missing on average about every 40 seconds.  It was because of this statistic that the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced the launch of their first smartphone app (only available on the iPhone for now), called Child ID.

The main function of the app is that it allows parents to enter in information such as height, and weight as well as upload photos about their child.  This way, if for whatever reason, the child goes missing, the parents can show police the app and it will be able to give a full report on what the child looks like.

Besides entering information about your child, the app also gives tips on keeping your children safe as well as what to do when you find out that your child went missing.

Now putting information and photos of your children on an app may seem dangerous or scary but the FBI stresses that they do not in any way store the information you enter in until they themselves decide to send anything to the authorities.

Hands on with the Galaxy Tab