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Apple iTunes Announces Their “App of the year”

Apple has just announced their “app of the year” as well as some other best of 2011 winners on iTunes.   The recipient of the app of the year award was Burbn’s Instagram, while Nik Software’s Snapseed was designated the iPad App of the Year.

The app, Instagram, is a popular (obviously) free photo editing app that not only allows you to take pictures, but you can also add filters and other tweaks, and perhaps most importantly, share your photos with others.  Runner ups for this award go to VidRhythm ($1.99) and Band of the Day (free).

Other awards handed out go to Apple’s iPhone game of the year,  Tiny Tower (free), a Sim-like game of empire building. Runners-ups in this category were Tiny Wings and Touchgrind BMX.

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