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FBI Makes an App

In America, a child goes missing on average about every 40 seconds.  It was because of this statistic that the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced the launch of their first smartphone app (only available on the iPhone for now), called Child ID.

The main function of the app is that it allows parents to enter in information such as height, and weight as well as upload photos about their child.  This way, if for whatever reason, the child goes missing, the parents can show police the app and it will be able to give a full report on what the child looks like.

Besides entering information about your child, the app also gives tips on keeping your children safe as well as what to do when you find out that your child went missing.

Now putting information and photos of your children on an app may seem dangerous or scary but the FBI stresses that they do not in any way store the information you enter in until they themselves decide to send anything to the authorities.