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AT&T Throttling on Data Plans

If you are a AT&T customer, starting on October 1st beware of how much data you are using up.  AT&T announced today that they will be throttling data for the users in the top 5% of data usage.  This whole “data throttling” idea will only be affecting those with an unlimited data plan so those of you who are not on this, then you have nothing to worry about.

Although this may seem bad to some people, there should not be that large of a worry.  In order to get in that “special” top 5% of users, you would have to use an insanely large amount of data.  According to AT&T, those who are in the top 5% on average use 12 times more data than the average user uses. This would take mass amounts of online gaming, video streaming, or sending large files of data such as HD movies.

If this does in fact worry you, AT&T stated that they would “warn” these users if they are coming close to their data cap and if you end up reaching that top 5%, your internet speed will go back to normal at the beginning of the next billing period.

This is only the first of the domino effect as Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile have also announced that in the upcoming months, they will also be putting data caps on their customer’s plans.