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Internet Explorer best browser out?

Earlier today, Microsoft announced the beta version of the brand new Internet Explorer 9. The browser has been said to be made to bring Microsoft back into the “best web browser” race,

Thing is, that although it may be a huge upgrade from older versions of Internet Explorer, the new features on the web browser are basically to catch up with today’s more popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

The main thing that users will notice about IE9 is the new interface.  It is a lot less cluttered and is very similar to Chrome’s interface which seems to be the “popular” look for browsers now. Also, a lot of the menu icons have been combined into a tools menu. The one thing that people seem to not like about IE9 is that the address bar and the tabs are placed on the same line.  When working on multiple pages at a time, this bar can become extremely crowded causing everything to become tight.

There are many other small differences added to this new version of Internet Explorer but all-in-all this was just a way for Microsoft to catch up with other browser making companies.

What do you guys think of the new Internet Explorer?