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Google Says Merry Christmas

Google’s holiday Doodle has finally arrived after being spotted around the world over the last two days. The early timing of the festive logo in Australia, was unusual and unexplained, but there seems to have been be two versions it – one static and, today, one animated, which also plays jingle bells.  Some people were having trouble playing the animation in their web browsers so here is a video of the animation in action.

Besides Google’s animation, they have also provided us with multiple other holiday surprises this year.  There is the “let it snow” Easter Egg, as well as YouTube now has a snowflake button to make it snow along with your video.  If you have trouble finding the button on YouTube, just search “let it snow” on YouTube and see the snow appear!

youtube snow, snowing youtube videos

As mentioned in another one of my posts, Google has also set up a Google Voicemail where you can send an actual voicemail to Santa! If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot, it’s pretty fun.

Use all of these holiday features Google has set up for you and have a happy holiday!

Newest Google Easter Egg

Google’s latest Easter egg has a holiday theme to it bringing snow to even those who live in the warmer parts of the world.

Typing “let it snow” into will return the normal search engine results for YouTube videos of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra singing the classic song. But then, a few snowflakes will start falling from the top of the screen until all the search results are obscured by a digital blizzard.

Eventually, your entire screen will fill up with “snow” at which point you can draw in/on the snow by clicking and dragging your mouse.  You also have the option to “defrost” the screen which will get rid of the frost but snow will continue to fall.