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T-Mobile G2 unveiled, more surprises coming our way

Earlier today, T-Mobile announced their newest phone, the G2, which will be available for purchase later this month. Many reviewers have given this phone high reviews which can be a very good sign for the brand new HSPA+ high speed network the G2 runs on (this is the first phone to ever use HSPA+).  No price has been announced yet but rumors say that it will be around $200 with a two year contract, and $500 without one.

The phone is considered to be a direct competition to the iPhone(s) itself.  The G2 will come with Android 2.2 making it completely up to date.  The phone will also have a 5 megapixel camera with a very bright LED flash and autofocus.  The large memory on the G2 also allows the user to record videos in 720p HD.  Also, the G2 comes with 4GB of internal storage as well as an 8GB memory card, giving the user the option of upgrading it to 32GB.  The processor on the phone is an 800MHz Snapdragon giving you quick speeds while navigating through the phone.

I am looking forward to this phone a lot.  The G1 provided a great competition to the iPhone as well as making it the first Android device but now with upgrades, more apps, and a better phone all around, it will be very interesting to see what this new G2 is going to be like.

What do you think of the T-Mobile G2?  Are you for Android or iPhone?

Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate interrupts Droid lineup

Recently announced, the new Samsung Fascinate is going to be available for public pick-up later this week (or tomorrow online) for Verizon customers.  It will be sold for $199 with a 2-year contract.  It will be hard for the phone to fit into the Android “lineup” but by looking at the specs, it does a nice job of fitting in perfectly.

The Fascinate is part of the Galaxy S lineup and the first of its kind to come to Verizon.  Like I said, it does fit in very well. The phone will have a 4 inch touch screen with 2GB of internal storage and the customer will have the option of upgrading it with a 16GB MicroSD memory card.  The Fascinate’s 1500 mAh battery is said to be about equivalent to the Motorola Droid x battery meaning that it should definitely last you a decent amount of time.

The phone itself looks to be amazing.  It will have a 1GHz  processor making navigating the phone quick and easy.  Adding to that, the Fascinate will have high end 3D graphics and video acceleration bringing multimedia and gaming to a whole new level for customers.

Also, the phone will include a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and will also allow the user to record video in 720p!  The Fascinate will also have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability and will also include a 3.5mm headphone jack for all of your music and media playing needs.

To me, this phone looks great and I think it will fit in with the Android “family” perfectly (considering it is better than some Android phones).

What do you guys think? Leave a comment below.

New HTC Android smartphone leaked!!

The FCC leaked photos of the newest HTC Android smartphone today.  The phone is said to be heading towards Verizon when it is finally released.  So Verizon users, get excited.

The phone itself looks like it will be pretty good looking.  It will have dual 3G modems along with Wi-Fi capability.  The phone will also have a 4 inch touch screen and expandable internal memory for maximum storage.

Although the iPhone is leading in the smartphone race right now, Android phones are catching up quickly and this new device should definitely help boost Android’s standings.

Sorry that this is such a short post, but that’s all I know about the phone so far. Stay tuned for updates.

Samsung Wave 723…not good enough for the U.S?

Samsung has recently announced a new smartphone entering their lineup,  the Samsung Wave 723.  No exact date has been set, but the Wave should be released to the public sometime in September of 2010.  The phone will cost around 240 euros (or around $300).

The Wave itself has a very nice metallic look, but unfortunatly there is a leather flap covering the front of the phone connected at the bottom.  To me, this does not sound very convenient.  Sure, people like to protect their phones from scratched and what not but that’s why companies make cases, to give the owner the option of purchasing one or not.

The phone will have a 3.2 inch touch screen display, GPS, Wi-Fi capability, and Bluetooth.  Not only that, but the Wave will also have a 5 megapixel camera with flash and a 3.5mm headphone jack which is becoming popular among smartphones.  The down side to this phone is the small amount of internal storage.  The Wave has 90MB of storage while other smartphones, such as the Nokia N8, have around 16GB of internal storage with options of upgrading to around 48GB.

The phone is said to be heading to Germany and later will go to parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa.  Even though it will be available in all of these other countries, it most likely won’t make its way to the US because of the hype of the Iphone and Android devices.  So if you are interested in getting this phone, your only option as of right now may be to get it on their online store.

New Nokia N8 phone or digital camera?

Recently, Nokia announced their latest phone, the Nokia N8.  Being a very slim, light phone, the N8 has a 3.5 inch touch screen.  Also, the phone comes in five different colors!  From what I have seen, not too many phones give you the option of that many different colors.  There is black, silver, green, blue, and red.  Take your pick.

Most likely the first thing that you will hear about this phone is the extremely high definition camera.  The Nokia N8 includes a whomping 12 megapixel camera and a Xenon flash, making it one of the highest quality phone cameras on the market as of today.  The N8’s photo viewer offers pinch zoom and sharing your photos on different social networking sites.

To add on to the photo quality, the N8 also shoots HD videos in 720p at 25 fps. The phone supports video files of up to 2GB.  The N8 also comes with a 16GB memory stick but can be upgraded to 48GB if you so choose.

The Nokia N8 is being released in the fall of 2010 in Europe for around $500 (most likely because of the camera quality).  There has been no word of T-mobile or AT&T picking this phone up so if you are interested in it, then your only option might be to get it on their online store.

My thoughts on this phone are all positive.  A great, lightweight smartphone that shoots in 720p and has a unique 12 megapixel camera included.

What do you think?