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Samsung’s iPod Competition

It has been announced that Samsung will be revealing their own mp3 player based on their Galaxy S phones in order to compete with Apple’s iPod touch at CES next week. The mp3 player looks very similar to the Galaxy S phone but of course will not actually have the phone capabilities. However, it will be running on Android 2.2.

Not much is known about the device yet but reports say that it will be 9.9mm wide with a 4 inch LCD touch screen display.  Besides running on Android 2.2, the device will have a 1GHz processor, 3.2 megapixel camera with HD video playback.  It of course will have         Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and GPS capabilities and an expandable MicroSD card slot.  And like all Android devices, you will be able to purchase and download apps from the market.

So not much is know yet, but from what is, it looks to be a great competitor to the iPod Touch and the Zune HD.  In my mind, it looks like Samsung is catching on to Apple’s selling techniques with a competitor to the iPhone, iPad, and now iPod.  What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

New Apple products, everyone freak out!!!

As predicted in an earlier post, Apple has made new generations of the iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano, and on September 1st, they were released.  Apple says that all of the three new iPods will be available next week, but can be pre-orderd right now.

Starting off the lineup, there has been some major changes in the iPod Touch’s features.  Apple has added a front facing camera to the device and also a camera on the back that records in full HD making video taking crisp and clear.  The Touch also has iOS 4.1 with gamecenter making gaming on the iPod touch amazing and bringing it to be the number one portable game player in the world.  The iPod will have approximatly 40 hours of battery life and will come in three different models.  There will be a 8GB for $229, a 32GB for $299, and a 64GB for $399.

Next up, Apple made a new iPod shuffle which was the least exciting of the meeting heldthis morning.  The new Shuffle will have 2GB of memory and will cost about $49.  TheShuffle will include the general buttons, the ability to create playlists, voice over, and genius mixes.  The battery life on this device should last close to 15 hours.

Finally, Steve Jobs announced the new iPod Nano.  The new Nano has a big change to the way it looks as now it is more of a large square, not a rectangle.  Jobs says that it is about 46% smaller and 42% lighter.  Some new features on the device include: home buttons like those found on the iPhone and iPod Touch, multi-touch, a clip for easy transportation, FM radio, a hard volume button, and can support up to 29 different languages. The battery on the new iPod Nano is said to last 24 hours.

After hearing about all of this, I got pretty excited.  The new Nano looks sweet and the new iPod Touch I am sure will catch everyone’s eye with its new front and back facing cameras that can shoot in full HD. I definatly want to go out and get one of these as soon as possible!

What are your thoughts on the new Apple products?