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The Best of the Unknown Web Browsers

Many internet users today know of FireFox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.  Little do these people know that other web browsers do exist and that some of them actually provide some competition to the more popular browsers out.

This article will give you the details on the top five “best of the unknown” web browsers out right now.  All of the browsers listed can be used by everyone from an office worker or manager, to a at home user.  Give each browser a try and leave a comment below telling what you think about it.


Lunascape is the world’s only three engine browser.  People that have used this browser have reported a significant decrease in capability issues, display problems, and long loading times.  Back in 2010, Lunascape was 20 times faster than IE8 and to this day keeps up to speed and is even faster than some of the more popular web browsers out!

Download Lunascape


SlimBrowser is a small and secure web browser for Windows packed with many features.  Besides the built in pop-up killer and AD filter (which both work incredibly well), SlimBrowser comes with an intelligent form filler, quick search box, and a auto-login function.

Download SlimBrowser


Camino is an open source browser developed to provide the best possible experience for MAC OS X users.  With security features like malware and phishing protection, Camino could be one of the safest browsers out.

Download Camino


K-Meleon is an extremely fast and customizable web browser designed mainly for Windows.  It was developed by Mozilla (makers of Firefox).  The browser is free and is open source and is extremely lightweight.

Download K-Meleon

          xB Browser

xB Browser is the most popular free, open source browser in the world.  xB Browser allows you to securely and anonymously browse the internet while bypassing firewalls and website censorship.  This browser is also jam packed with features.  These include, DOM object and cookie protection, cross-site scripting attack prevention, user-agent cloaking, and java proxy control.

Download xB Browser

Give all of these a try.  Leave comments below on which one you like best!