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Windows Phone’s to Receive Mango Update

If you own or know about Windows 7 phones then you should know that the operating system was clearly rushed and missing some pretty important features in order to keep “up to par” with Android and iOS.  Well all of these problems will be fixed with a major update from Microsoft called Mango.  Microsoft sent out the update earlier today so users should be expecting to be able to upgrade in the very near future.

There are many things that have been included in this update and one of the main features is that now all phones with Mango on them will have full multitasking capabilities. This was a huge complaint by many users and it made Windows fall behind in the operating system “competition”.  So this update will bring Windows up to par with iOS and Android but for how long?

Some more features that have been included in the update are better live tiles, an all-in-one inbox,  and better browsing with Internet Explorer 9.  Another interesting feature would be the introduction of Visual Search where the user takes a picture and can search the web to find out more about the object. Besides all of these features and upgrades, there are plenty more programs and abilities added into the Mango update and it should help bring Microsoft back into the operating system competition.