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New Nokia N8 phone or digital camera?

Recently, Nokia announced their latest phone, the Nokia N8.  Being a very slim, light phone, the N8 has a 3.5 inch touch screen.  Also, the phone comes in five different colors!  From what I have seen, not too many phones give you the option of that many different colors.  There is black, silver, green, blue, and red.  Take your pick.

Most likely the first thing that you will hear about this phone is the extremely high definition camera.  The Nokia N8 includes a whomping 12 megapixel camera and a Xenon flash, making it one of the highest quality phone cameras on the market as of today.  The N8’s photo viewer offers pinch zoom and sharing your photos on different social networking sites.

To add on to the photo quality, the N8 also shoots HD videos in 720p at 25 fps. The phone supports video files of up to 2GB.  The N8 also comes with a 16GB memory stick but can be upgraded to 48GB if you so choose.

The Nokia N8 is being released in the fall of 2010 in Europe for around $500 (most likely because of the camera quality).  There has been no word of T-mobile or AT&T picking this phone up so if you are interested in it, then your only option might be to get it on their online store.

My thoughts on this phone are all positive.  A great, lightweight smartphone that shoots in 720p and has a unique 12 megapixel camera included.

What do you think?