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Nintendo Backed Into Corner

Not too long ago, Nintendo’s newest product, the Nintendo 3DS, came out with many people expecting it to be the “next thing”.  After its launch, Nintendo realized that sales had dropped and not even been nearly as high as expected.  Ever since then, sales for Nintendo have slowly decreased due to competition in the gaming world with Facebook and smartphones leading the battle.

Although Nintendo’s sales have been down, there is a chance for “revival”.  Many Nintendo investors are now strongly suggesting to partner the company with Apple in order to boost sales and be back in competition once again.  The company’s president, Satoru Iwata, however is not too happy about teaming up with Apple.

An article on on Iwata says, “Nintendo should either try to buy its way into this platform (smartphones), or develop something totally new.”

President Satoru Iwata might want to reconsider this partnership with Apple.  Nintendo reduced its profit forecast by an outstanding 82% and now will continue to reduce prices on their products in order to make their way back to the top.