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Android Trojan Scares Many

A new type of trojan virus for Android powered phones was discovered early today which has cause a scared considering how much more advanced the virus is compared to older viruses found on Android devices.  This new trojan has the ability to record your conversation and then send it off to a remote server for storage for who knows what.

On the bright side, the virus is not capable of installing by itself, it needs the user’s permission first.  This may sound dumb but it can be disguised as a game or some sort of app and when you choose to install it, you instead get a virus installed on your phone.  The trojan looks to be a prototype of some sort so we may have more to fear in the future.

Anyways, be careful with what you download, make sure that it is something trustworthy and legitimate.

If you are worried about this then take a look at this article on 5 ways to protect your smartphone!

There are a couple Android anti-virus apps that you can download to protect your smartphone from this trojan and many others.  Some of the many are by AVG, and Creative Apps (both called anti-virus free but of course the paid version will do a little more).