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3D images ruining children’s lives!

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced the creation of their latest product, the Nintendo 3DS which allows the user to view video games in 3D without the the of the annoying 3D glasses.  Well earlier this week, game site, announced that 3D gaming can be more hazardous to children than regular, 2D video games.

The 3DS will be out on shelves in Japan starting on Feb. 26th for around $300 and other areas sometime in March. stated that these 3D gaming systems can be harmful to children because their vision is still in development.  Hence, children under the age of 6 should not purchase/play the Nintendo 3DS.

The good news is that if you absolutely have to buy the device, it will offer options on how much 3D you would like to see.  There will also be parental controls that can turn the 3D completely off/on.

So if you are above the age of 6, get ready to enjoy the full 3D power of the Nintendo 3DS!