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Santa Calling You?

It’s a busy time of the year for Santa, but he finds a way to robocall the person of your choice, free. He’s also ready to listen to his voicemail.

Google is offering two Santa-related technologies this year.  First, you can tell Santa what you would like for Christmas by leaving him a voicemail at his Google Voice number, 855-34-SANTA (855 347-2682).  The call is free for residents in the United States and Canada.  Outside of that, it will cost $.01 a minute.

Second, if you happen to live in the U.S., you can surprise your friend(s) or family by having Santa immediately send a customized voice message, complete with the person’s name, state, and a variety of other customizations, which can all be combined for hilarious results.

Try it at Google’s Send a Call From Santa site, or listen to a sample message here.