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Speech to Text in iOS 5

According to a recent report by 9to5Mac, it seems that iOS 5 will be bringing voice controls to a whole new level.  This feature for iOS 5 will be available for the iPhone and iPod touch but reports say that the iPad will not be able to right away.

9to5Mac says that the text-to-speech feature is pretty simple.  While messaging, the microphone icon will be placed directly next to the space bar.  Press the mic button and start to speak and obviously, words will start to appear on the screen.

Obviously, lots of smartphone’s already have this feature so why should we be excited about this?  Well this can be exciting because iOS 5 can make the voice recognition feature work a LOT better than other phones have in the past.  The new iOS will have full-integrated voice control through a app called Assistant.  Through Assistant, you can control your entire phone without even touching it and Assistant can even talk back to you!  So far, Assistant has not “popped up” in the iOS beta released this weekend so we most likely won’t be seeing in until the release of the iPhone 5.

Apple iPad coming to Verizon users?!

Earlier today, Apple announced that one of their latest products, the iPad, will be available to Verizon Wireless users on October 28th. The iPad and its bundle will cost $630 for a 16GB model, $730 for a 32GB model and $830 for a 64GB model.  Besides this, Verizon will also offer a $20 monthly data plan for up to 1GB of data.

Although this is great, Verizon will unfortunatly not be selling 3G versions of the iPad.  To replace this, they will be selling the regular Wi-Fi iPad with their own mobile hot spots which will allow users to connect to the internet anywhere where the 3G network can be used.

Many people believe that this is a start to something great.  With Apple making a “bond” with Verizon Wireless we could start seeing Verizon selling more Apple products such as the iPhone as early as early next year.

What are your thoughts on the Apple-Verizon bond?

Apple announces Ping…FAIL

So a few days ago, at Apple’s release meeting, Steve Jobs announced a new musical social network called Ping.  Two days after the release, over one million people had signed up for the service.  Needless to say, not too many of them liked it.

Ping is a free downloadable software made by Apple that allows its users to view photos and videos of their favorite musicians and artists and also to get updates on concert dates. Not only that, but Ping allows users to connect with friends online to talk about different songs, movies, or albums.

Now that all might seem great BUT there are some pretty big mistakes Apple made here.  First off, Ping is only available for users living in the United States.  What’s with that? Next, when signing up for the network, you are forced to choose what genre of music you would like.  This would be ok if they actually had genres that people listened to. Cabaret, swing, folk song?  Who actually listens to that stuff???  Anyways, besides all of that, Ping is empty.  There are not many artists signed up for users to follow.  I know, Ping was just released, but if it continues to be like this, then it’s definitly not worth signing up for.  And finally, there already is a that works 10 times better than Apple’s,  i guess Apple likes copying good ideas.

What are your thoughts on the new Apple Ping? Comment below.

Playstation 3 owners are in luck…

On Wednesday, September 1st, Sony announced the .release of their new music and video streaming service called Qriocity in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom this fall.

This new service will be available through Playstation 3’s, portable mp3 players, and other devices that can get internet. As the video service was already launched this April in the U.S. it will offer many films from many different companies.  No pricing has been listed so far but this is definitely something to look forward to in the future for PS3 owners.  Not only that, but I am sure that this is getting Apple mad because of the itunes competition.

New Apple products, everyone freak out!!!

As predicted in an earlier post, Apple has made new generations of the iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano, and on September 1st, they were released.  Apple says that all of the three new iPods will be available next week, but can be pre-orderd right now.

Starting off the lineup, there has been some major changes in the iPod Touch’s features.  Apple has added a front facing camera to the device and also a camera on the back that records in full HD making video taking crisp and clear.  The Touch also has iOS 4.1 with gamecenter making gaming on the iPod touch amazing and bringing it to be the number one portable game player in the world.  The iPod will have approximatly 40 hours of battery life and will come in three different models.  There will be a 8GB for $229, a 32GB for $299, and a 64GB for $399.

Next up, Apple made a new iPod shuffle which was the least exciting of the meeting heldthis morning.  The new Shuffle will have 2GB of memory and will cost about $49.  TheShuffle will include the general buttons, the ability to create playlists, voice over, and genius mixes.  The battery life on this device should last close to 15 hours.

Finally, Steve Jobs announced the new iPod Nano.  The new Nano has a big change to the way it looks as now it is more of a large square, not a rectangle.  Jobs says that it is about 46% smaller and 42% lighter.  Some new features on the device include: home buttons like those found on the iPhone and iPod Touch, multi-touch, a clip for easy transportation, FM radio, a hard volume button, and can support up to 29 different languages. The battery on the new iPod Nano is said to last 24 hours.

After hearing about all of this, I got pretty excited.  The new Nano looks sweet and the new iPod Touch I am sure will catch everyone’s eye with its new front and back facing cameras that can shoot in full HD. I definatly want to go out and get one of these as soon as possible!

What are your thoughts on the new Apple products?