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Verizon Customers Experience Data Outages

Verizon Wireless customers all across the country have been woken up to spotty data connections Wednesday morning, according to internet forums and Twitter.

The issue has arose from a nationwide outage in the company’s 3G and 4G data networks with reports of down services all across the country.

Users on Verizon’s support forums have been reporting service downtime as of late last night. “I’m in Denver, CO. Service went out at 1am MST – it’s 5am MST and still no data,” one user commented.

Those who have gotten through to Verizon’s customer support line say the company acknowledges the issue but has no estimate for when things will return to normal, according to CNET.


Verizon says that they have fixed the 4G problem that many customers were having earlier Wednesday morning.  Other users said that 3G was having data outages as well but Verizon says that 3G devices were not affected.

Verizon Wireless said the problem with its 4G network had been resolved by 2 p.m. ET. It said engineers had been working on the repair since the early hours of the morning.

The cause of the outages was not stated by Verizon.